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"Sitting an a Balance Ball But Looks Better"

christine on 6/23/2016 1:50:49 PM

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Product Review : Over ten years ago when I first exercised with a balance ball I read that we could sit on it like a chair in order to engage our core muscles while sitting at a desk: there are health benefits to that. The only way to sit upright on a balance ball and not hurt yourself is to engage your buttock muscles, sit up straight, pull your abs in and lock them and engage your back muscles. These muscles are called the core muscles. Sitting in this way will strengthen your muscles but if you are weak or use poor form this will be a chore you should build up slowly over time as your core gets stronger. One benefit of the Safco Zenergy Ball Chair is that it is enclosed in mesh and on flat castors so it cannot roll away, and that it is a piece of furniture not just an ugly rubber ball that dust or lint clings to and that can pick up dirt or whatever from the floor and become unsightly. Yes, this thing looks space aged, or "trippy" as my thirteen year old says. I keep thinking of the red chair as the cap of a toadstool! You can see and judge for yourself by looking at the photo. It is a mesh fabric. I did think, "There is not much to this" regarding construction materials. One may question the price point for the materials. The MSRP seems way too high. After I formed that opinion I researched online and found that some of this type desk chair are selling for $500 and some are selling just the ball for $70 (I paid a lot less for my balance ball). Some of the other chairs are ugly with a capital U. Suddenly the odd look of this chair looked appealing and nice! by JBS Retail - Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved